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[The Essentials]

Name: Marissa
Nickname: Rissa, Dawn, Dawny

Location: U.S.A
Zodiac sign
: Pisces
Any pets: Misty (dog)....I want cat though.
Favourite thing about yourself: My intelligence and creativity.
Worst habit: My distractions...
Fun fact: I like to make characters.

[Identity, Sexuality & Personality]

Gender identity: Female
Sexual preference: Heterosexual
Romantic preference: The male species.
"Kinsey Scale" score: WHY DID YOU MAKE ME LOOK IT UP? *innocence fades into nonexistence.*
Relationship status: Single ...but lonely...but's an INFP thing...:P I'm hopeful I'll find the right dude but also completely for my independence from a dude...IT'S WEIRD OKAY!!!!


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": NIGHT OWL!

bath or shower: Shower
First thought in the morning: A less nice word for crap.

Last thought before falling asleep at night: "I hope no one kills me in my sleep" or "I BETTER HAVE A VIVID DREAM MURF!"


Do you work or are you a student: Student
What do you do good:
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Hopefully out of college and school and I WANT A KITTY CAT!

[Habits (Do you…?)]

Drink: Caffine....
Smoke: Nope
Do Drugs: Nope
Exercise: Ehh...
Have a go-to comfort
: chocolate chip cookies...and ice cream
Have a nervous habit: I shake my hands or I just start mentally freaking out.

[What is your favourite…?]

Physical quality (in yourself): My eyes...
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): I... can't hate people?
Food: Asian and Mexican food
Drink: Chai tea and DP
Animal: cat...dragon...caggons
Artist/ Mangaka: err...
Band/Group: Owl City
Author/Poet: Currently...I really like Shannon Hale's books.
TV Show: MLP: FIM....yeah got a problem with that?
Actor/Actress: No.
Blogger: Swoozie? He counts right?
  • Mood: Isolated
  • Listening to: Quiet like the Snow.
  • Reading: Insurgent...again
  • Watching: Hydra's Kawaii face
  • Drinking: DRPEPPER


Dawnshade1's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
meow... translation "Hi I'm Dawnshade1 and I love cats and most other animals." X3
I don't talk much. Hope you know that. In real life if you know me and I look like a robot I'm
probably stuck in my own little world. K' I'm not crazy I'M NOT CRAZY :Z LoLZ XD

Your element is Shadow: Indifferent, unusual, gentle and a complete mystery. No one tends to know quite what to think of you because you camouflage your emotions so incredibly well, almost as well as your thoughts. You are unpredictable in that no one knows exactly what your going to do or what you are capable of and you've made sure they never will. You are quite the wallflower but deep down inside is a kind and very intelligent person. You are capable of love but unless you let some light into your shadowed life you'll have a hard time with your relationships. People are a mystery only because they all seem too superficial, you would rather be somewhere else. Away from all the noise, perhaps putting your feelings into a form of art. Such as writing your feelings into a poem or journal, or maybe even painting a picture. The shadows make you feel comfortable and you don't like to step outside your comfort zone or let anyone else in, the spotlight terrifies you. You are truly a mystery.

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